10 Apr 2021, Moscow


New work by Boris Filanovsky for MCME commisioned by V-A-C Foundation for a new space of modern culture in Moscow – GES-2.

coming soon, Moscow

Sefer Yetzirah premiere

Sefer Yetzirah is definitely a masterpiece from the Kabbalist and Magister of Dark Magic Boris Filanovsky. Medieval instruments of the Ensemble Labyrinthus with a support of Eshkolot project are ready to evoke an ancient forces of sinistrous ur-elements.


18 Nov 2020, Moscow

Infinite Superposition #1 – premiere

Infinite Superposition #1 unfolded with its first iteration at the VII International Contemporary Music Festival “Another Space”

16 oct 2020, Moscow

Aria tutti premiere

Philipp Chizhevsky and his ensemble Questa Musica will perform aria tutti, a new composition by Boris Filanovsky. The concert is a part of the program Russian Music 2.0 launched by the Aksenov Family Foundation.

18 oct 2020, Peredelkino

Creative listening, practicum

A new session of the Creative listening by Boris Filanovsky (lecture + discussion) will take place at 17:00, October 18 in a new creative space in the legendary Peredelkino Writers’ Residence.

6 june 2020, online

Direct Music landed on Etsy

Now you can also order #Direct Music (а personal musical composition written especially for your occasion) via Etsy store. But, please, do not hesitate to contact any of our authors on Sharetribe

25 may 2020, online

Schmozart presentation & lecture

The Eshkolot platform kindly organized an online presentation of the Schmozart book with a small session of creative listening in the second part, continuing the series of music listening & discussing webinars by Boris Filanovsky.

UPD:  for Russian-speakers a video record is available 

13 may 2020

Schmozart book has arrived!

Boris Filanovsky composer’s diary Schmozart was published by Jaromír Hladík Press. Now the book is available for order online, as well as in some local bookstores (Falanster, Word order and others)

6-10 dec 2019, St.Petersburg

Arkhitekton Theta premiere

On December 6 and 10, 2019 the Plywood Theatre hosted the premiere of Arkhitekton Theta by composer Boris Filanovsky. Arkhitekton Theta is a sound sculpture for the ensemble, choir and moving listeners, created for the BDT Plywood Theatre and commissioned by the theatre and the Pro Arte Foundation.

About the space itself:  And for a field music record and more details click here.

31 jul 2019, St.Petersburg

Direct Music Exhibition: opening & concert

The exposition takes place at the Sound Museum of St.Petersburg and will last until September 22. At the opening Maria Chernykh will play her own selection of #Direct Music pieces.